Saturday, September 26, 2009

words are waste of reasoning done in speaking- abdulreaheem puthiyapurayil

abdulraheem puthiyapurayil
Should I be going
To the mosques or temples or churches
Or in any such places
To seek God….?

What to say..?
God getting confined?
God that is defined
And, thereby confined
Is devil.
Devil is not devil, but God defined,

And the God, who is
There and everywhere
Where you are,
Is God.

And, for sure,
God will be there
And everywhere
Where you will be.

Then, why not
In the mosque, or temple or churches
Or any such places too….?

“No, my son, you should be there
In the mosque or temple or churches
Or any such places too
If you are afraid of God,
If you don’t know him
And if you can’t love him.

When you are afraid,
Due to your blindness,
And when you are unable to love,
You will, for sure, come in public places,
With whatever the talks and prayers you have,
To get courage, support and help from outside
And at least to escape from the thieves and burglars
That appears in your blindness and darkness.

Of having fear.
Just for getting escape.
Because of the blindness.

Love can make you blind
But the blind one can’t, see and, love.

“My son,
If you are not afraid of God,
And rather you love him
Because you know him
And you want to know him more
In love making way,
Then be where you are.

If you are plugged in God
From where you are
The current of love will pass through you.

You will be hot and boiling.
The vapors will automatically
Go up.
These vapors are your real prayers.

So, Master, you mean…?

My son….
Love is done and expressed
In private, secretly.
You can’t love in public
In the time, tongue and content
As dictated by others.

Did you ever see your father
Making love with your mother
In public,
Even in front of his close friends
Or his own children,
As dictated by others.

You can love God,
The openness,
And exchange with him
With whatever you feel like
In the tongue your own
In the time and place your own
Without having to be bothered
Or without imitating in content.

One cannot love in imitation.
Neither one can pray in imitation.

Evaporation happens
Only when you are hot and boiling.

My son,
I know, in saying all these to you,
One and only things as well.

Words are
Waste of reasoning
Done in speaking.
Life is what I am,
Life is what I am,
You are
And all what this universe is

Continuing and not continuing


Master Places
My little child
Asked me only one question.

Very simple one to hear.

Which is the place
Where one becomes not hypocritical at all
And be with his own self.

With no specific answer in my mind,
I tried with all.

"Mosque…., church…., temple…,
Schools…., colleges….., restaurants….., etc…, etc…. "

I tried all....

But only the right answer
Escaped from my tongue.

Seeing my helplessness,
and to help me in such a situation,
Finally he interrupted and gave me the answer

“Paapaa ....
All the places you thought are the places
Where the people become one or other way
Pretending and hypocritic

And the places where the people are not really hypocritic


The brothels and toilets.

Sometimes you can add
Cinema theatres and some other places to this...

The master places
Where masters are born and living in.
Tried to talk nothing - God is where I lose myself
Tried to talk nothing
And mere such trial became
My talk.

Lost my sight.
And mere such blindness became
My sight

Skies are not skies
But are my limitations
The limitations that give me
A shelter to rest
In helplessness.

Sights are not sights
But, it is where my sight end

So I don’t see anything
My eyes and its sights
Are getting obstructed.

Like the sky is where
My sight ends
God is where
I lose myself

What went wrong…,?
Every one prays for us…!!!
Are we not saved yet….?
What is happening to us?

My son,
Nothing happens to us;
Things are as it was.
You do have, what you have.
You don’t have, what you don’t have
Those who are disturbed,
Only get disturbed again
To see us not disturbed.

My son,
God, disturbed, is devil.
God, poisoned, is Devil.

Prayer has to be like
Your perspiring.
It has to happen when it happens,
For the reason from its own.
As evaporation.
To get us rain as reward.
But how the water that is cold
Can get disturbed and evaporated?

Prayer is done when one gets disturbed
And feels insecure.
Prayer is done when one is ignorant
And feels separate.

So, Master,
About those who
Preach to make prayer…?

My son,
Can you be boiling,
Without getting hot,
Just because others want to see you boiling
In the way and time they want.
Can you be boiling again,
When you are already in vapors.

So, Master,
Those who preach…?

My son,
They don’t see the skies
And don’t see that the skies are not skies
But only our perceptions.
They don’t see vapors
Becoming part of skies.
They need others too
To be ignorant pool water and
Feel insecure, separate and disturbed
And to pray and seek like them,
And for them meanwhile,
Because of their guilt/insecure and alien feeling.

My son,
No god is there
Seeking desperately your seeking him
Or else to punish you,
Than for you to be one with him.

My son,
No god is there
Seeking desperately to market him
Or else to punish you,
Than for you to be one with him.

All prayers and propagations are
Because of separation caused by ignorance
And ignorance caused by separation.
In love making,
No formalities.
You just get into.
No external appearance matters.

My son,
How can you be loving without knowing?

My son,
How can you be knowing
Or trying to know more and more
When you don’t know
You are ignorant of yourself and God?

My son,
How can you be loving
Without knowing,
Especially the one who threats you to punish otherwise.

No one will love
For getting the rewards.
Rather love makes you to sacrifice
And lose,
To lose yourself.

My son,
Qualifications are our disqualifications.
We are not what we are,
Even when we are only what we are.

And what you consider as our disqualifications
Are our qualifications.
We are neither born, nor dying.
We are none and nothing
We are all and everything.
We reflect and represent all and the whole
With no separation.

My son,
To the extend you know about me
I will get confined.
I am not what you know about me.
I am what you don’t know about me.
Purely unknown,
Seeking to be unknown.

And, my son, they all pray
To their theoretically defined and confined God.
To be more and more known.
To be defined and confined.
So, they get disturbed and trouble.
So, they get afraid and tensioning.
Hence, they pray in public.

For sure, any one who is afraid.
Tend to come in public
To get rid his fear.

My son,
To whom are they are praying?

To God?
To the threatening God…?

Who knows better?

God or themselves…?

Who has the real sight?

God or themselves…?

Do they want to say
God wants them to pray to him?

Do they have a God or a leader,
Who needs their prayer
To save him as well ?

Do they want to say
They know better, than God
Or they want to teach God
How to be without mistakes?

Do they mean to say
Go has done mistakes
For which they correction
From him…?

Do they mean to see
God could be mistaking
And could not be finding out
That mistake.

My son,
Less knowing God is devil,
Trouble maker.
They too become devil’s,
When they will have to pray
To change themselves into
Something and someone,
To get them continuity as devils
Or until they get changed themselves into God.
From relative to absolute.
From water to vapor
From drops to ocean.

My son,
They are all like torches,
Trying to throw light out
In the names of prayers.
But, as torches are,
They put themselves in darkness,
Without being saved.
And how the torches can give light
Without being filled in
With the batteries of love and conviction?

My son,
If you are convinced of God
And are in love with God
Why should you be dictated to pray?

Or why some other should schedule
Your prayer and its content?

And why should you pray
To get your things done
Especially when the loved one (God),
The very all-knowing,
Knows more than the loving one (you)?

My son,
We can hear their mistake of
Making prayers

As for us,
We are with the same God,
In love making,

And we are lucky to hear them
Pray for us.

My son,
They are praying
Or to change their God,
To their level,
Without knowing
God is there at their level too.

Being in darkness,
They seek help and support
And look at God, only for their
Physical reasons and requirements.

They don’t and can’t see God
In their own forms and levels too.

My son,
We did not pray myself
And never asked anyone
To pray for us to God.

Just because
Not to put blame on God
To say that
God could not know us and our cases
And God did not know and do
What is required,
And what all we require, from him.

At least
The ordinary carpenter, in our world, knows
Better about the tables he makes and its problems
Than the tables knows for itself.

My son,
God has already done
Or will do
What is required.
He doesn’t need
Any one’s support or help
To make him know
About the case and requirements.

What is ours
Is his own problem.
God’s own problem.
Rather, such problems are
Solutions too.
Whatever we do are
His own deeds.

My son,
It is true
That everyone is praying for us
Thinking we are strayed
And without knowing
We are with the same God
Whom they are praying to.

They forget to include themselves,
In their boasting, as righteous and saved,
And get strayed to become devils,
Just for the reason of their boasting.
God, strayed, is devil.

My son,
We can’t believe in a God
Love a God
Because he will reward.

We will love and believe in God
Because, helplessly fall in love with him.

If at all we really want to pray
To our love,
We will have to be away from all
To talk and say whatever we feel and think
In the time and place we feel fit.