Friday, October 2, 2009

the really absurd thing- sukshmananda swami


The really absurd thing is that there is no such thing as permanence .So , to pray for permanence is absolutely ridiculous . That which exists is impermanence. Hence, the seeking of permanence and praying for it is absurd.Rather than seeking something, which doesnot exist, we should remember the cause of life's sufferings.
We should be grateful to god for impermanence, because to remain in an emotion, no matter whether it is pleasant or unpleasant , for more than its natural duration is injurious to health .If it is a negative emotion we naturally try to get rid of it.
People often ask in meditation classes , '' how can i get rid of anger ?''
but so far nobody has asked how to getb rid of love. We all know that we cannot afford anger, as it is a luxury. Anger releases so much adrenaline that the system simply cannot cope with it and we feel most uncomfortable with so much adrenaline racing through the body.Naturally , we may sincerly desire impermanence in this situation, although we often desire otherwise.To entertain anger is an expense we cannot afford .