Friday, January 8, 2010

paul brunton's book

Perspectives- the timeless way of wisdom

By paul brunton

Published by
new age books

price rs 395/

Paul brunton wrote, poetry is at its best when it leads man towards spiritual beauty. this indeed is the mission of all the other arts also.

Paul brunton's this book also serves the purpose.

Brunton sees the world as a mental experience.

This is his clear statement:
Mentalism, the teaching that this is a mental universe, is too hard to believe for the ordinary man yet too hard to disbelieve for the illumined man. This is because to the first it is only a theory , but to the second it is a personal experience. The ordinary man's consciousness is kept captive by his senses , each of which reports a world of matter outside him.the illumined man's consciousness is free to be itself, to report its own reality and to reveal the senses and their world to be mere ideation.

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