Friday, January 8, 2010

disturbing emotions

sukshmananda swami

there is no point in avoiding disturbingemotions and indeed we cannot avoid them because emotions are impermanent [Emotions are always in a state of ebb flow.] What is required is watching , not avoidance.

Try to watch the disturbing emotions and through watching we can expedite the great emotional vanishing act and the process of changr.

If you watch the disturbing emotion it will lose its grip and will eventually become an object.Changing the identified subject in to an object is transformation , perhaps the initial round of transformation ..

Hence it is also spirituality .

One doesnot and cannot realize idenification without breaking the identification.

The teacher shouted , 'attention' and the student tried to be attentive , however , his attention was focused elsewhere and he was oblivious to what was happening in the classroom- a type of identification.

The identification was broken by the command from the teacher .After hearing the command the student tried to be more attentive which is tranformation, and in that sense a spiritual act.

Trying to be attentive meaqns trying to be conscious ands that in turn means we were not conscious before. our normal ordinary state of consciousness is , in fact , unconscious .

we become conscious only if the situation demands it.In other words we prefer to be unconscious . we avoid being being conscious and this is how idntification emerges and how problems emerge. Consciousness is 'paying attention '.How many of us pay attention at all times?